YT is on the wrong track [Archives:2004/771/Opinion]

September 9 2004

By Ameen Al-Amrani
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

While there're 'tons' of problems facing the Islamic world including Yemen, one cannot ignore the so-called Terrorist 'problem'. Before a Muslim can denounce, oppose, adhere to, or espouse an idea or ideology, he/she must, as an Islamic rule, refer to the Quran and the Sunnah. But since we Muslims have become nothing but 'sad' imitators (of the West in particular), most of us are quick to attack al-Qaeda and all it stands for. We've armies of secularists in our own countries including writers, journalists, rulers, social figures and even the majority of our semi-educated populace. In the course of history, we've – consciously, sub and unconsciously – deserted Islam and undergone a tremendous change in our self perception. For the first time in history, Muslims are defeated spiritually. We want to adopt Western values and ideas, no we don't, maybe we do, we're not sure! How about Islam? Isn't it our ancestor's faith? Don't we want to submit like them? But wait, we're Muslims; we've been for centuries and no one can tell us otherwise! We pray, isn't that sufficient? What else do those brain washed fanatics and fundamentalists want from us? The Quran; hmmm, well we conveniently pushed it aside precisely like our Jewish cousins! And we want victory! Why? Just by virtue of us being decedents of Arab ancestors? By virtue of the Quran being Arabic? By Virtue of the greatest man ever to have walked the earth being Arab? We deserve the trouble we're in, and it's little, very little, compared to what we really deserve. Allah (SW) might let the unbelievers do whatever they want, kill, fornicate etc but it's never been His law to let those who claim they're believers to get away without trial and without punishment. Yemen; a complex country with complex set of social, tribal and political conditions, one cannot but be grateful it's still intact and still has a President and a social fabric. Yemen is a country where everyone is born a poet, everyone wants to be the President, and everyone is a scholar and expert in every issue and matter. Despite the 'colossal' corruption of the incumbent President, his family and entourage, he remains the best of the worst, and the best Yemen can have for now, and Allah (SW) doesn't change or alter man's state till he/she is genuine about wanting the change.
Things will change but for the worst, in as much as we've the WB and IMF dictating the policies to the corrupt, and so it will remain as long as people are far from the Quran.
Those whom you – with wonderful insouciance – call terrorists, are the only hope for mankind today. They are a mercy from the Upper-Amnesty to the miserable West and East, and as we humans killed and tortured hundreds of Prophets and Messengers who were sent down with a message from the Infinite-Unknown with glad tidings to us, we're now killing (and cooperating with and helping others to kill) them again and again. Allah (SW) shall judge between us on Judgment Day.
Yemen Times is no different from any other mass media communication tool, and is cooperating – whether it knows it or not, whether it wants it or not – to kill those sent as the last hope for mankind.
May Allah (SW) show us all the right path, though it's never been God's rule to guide those who don't want it and who never strive for it.