Zionism at its best [Archives:2004/781/Opinion]

October 14 2004

“The company commander then approached the body and fired two bullets at her head before switching his gun to automatic, the soldiers alleged. Doctors found more than 20 bullets in her body.” This not the Congo, or Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, or one of those bloody exploitation films. This was an eyewitness account in a news article in the Guardian Unlimited newspaper explaining how the Israeli Army is fighting terrorism in the Occupied Israeli Territories of Gaza and the West Bank. Here are more shocking details by Israeli soldiers at the scene as quoted also by the same article: “We spotted her at a distance of 70 meters. Shots were fired at her from the positions of the outpost, she ran away and was hit. I realized she was dead. “The company CO approached her, shot two bullets into her, walked back towards the force, turned back to her, switched his weapon to automatic and emptied his entire magazine into her. “He pumped her full of holes.” There were more than 20 bullets found in her body.
This is not an exception to how Israeli officers behave, but has been standard practice in the Israeli Army since Israel was snatched from the Palestinians. It occurred not only in Palestine proper, but in the Golan Heights, in Jordan and even in the Sinai Peninsula time and again over the last 60 years. Yet the world was under the impression that Israeli troops and their commanders manifested the true elite professional soldiers characterized by civilized behavior and serving under a state that represented the apex of western culture. The ugly scene above, as reported some of the junior troops, who despite all the training they have received to veer away from any humanitarian considerations as they proceed on their missions of defending the Zionist state, simply could not stomach such horrible conduct by their commanding officer. Some have even demanded the dismissal of the officer. The Israeli Army would only comment that it will investigate the case. Because of the obvious lack of interest in pursuing the case reported by the soldiers, “the soldiers were so disgusted by the slow pace of an army investigation that they approached the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth to demand the officer's dismissal.” Of course the Israeli Army will bide its time about the case, as in so many killings of innocent Palestinians and other Arabs over the years. It has no choice, because it knows that the Government sees such behavior as routine and part and parcel of the Zionist mission that the Israeli Defense Forces are expected to carry out. Israeli commanders are expected to make their subordinates understand that such actions are a necessity for the prevalence of the Zionist state in land that it has occupied by force and intends to keep for Jewish settlers. If the Arabs leave voluntarily, all is fine and every encouragement will be given to them to do so. This does not imply giving them cotton candy or compensation. They will burn the infrastructure, destroy their means of livelihood, block them from the water, imprison their breadwinners and inflict a few injuries here and there. But in most cases, the standard fare is for the commanding officer to deliver the Zionist message in simple blunt state sponsored terrorism: kill, kill, kill. How else can you make room for Jewish settlers otherwise? So, it is no surprise that the Israeli Army will not take action against the Israeli Officer, even if his own subordinates are demanding it. One would not be surprised that these Israeli soldiers, who simply could not stomach the horror of such a murder, would have become vulnerable to disciplinary measures for insubordination and “squealing out” on standard Israeli Army practice, which is supposed to be seen, but not talked about. It is no secret that Israeli troops are trained to view such bloodletting with a high degree of indifference, because “the survival of Israel” depends on it, as the soldiers are constantly grilled into believing. Since when has the Israeli Government punished the many officers who have lined up hundreds of villagers and Egyptian prisoner soldiers in Sinai, during the occupation of Sinai? What penalty was imposed on Ariel Sharon, who was implicated in the ugly massacre in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Lebanon, in which over a thousand sleeping Palestinians were mowed down by hired agents with Israeli officers embedded with them? He became Prime Minister! There is no question that Israeli tactics are based on the maximum bloodletting of Palestinians, whether they are “militants”, or schoolchildren, because that is the most effective way as the demagogic Zionists in the Israeli military see it, to drive out the Palestinians from their land or simply to remove them all together. Just notice the reaction of the Israeli Army officials to this heinous crime: “Yesterday an army source said an investigation had begun, but it was 'too early to speak of criminal charges”, again quoting the Guardian.
Here is further evidence of the systematic nature of Israeli Army tactics against “terror”: “There were two bullets. The first struck Tahreer in the head. As she fell, the second hit the wall behind her. 'I've no doubt a sniper shot her deliberately. There was no fighting in the area. There were no other shots, only the ones that hit Tahreer,' said her mother”, from another Guardian article. This is the account of the shooting of two girls in their homes, in a relatively peaceful area in Jabalya. “Snipers are posted in buildings overlooking their street and a tank is less than a block away”, as the article said. There are so many ugly scenes like this and the one above continuously witnessed in the Holy Land. Yet, the Israelis insist that they are only acting in self defense! This is Palestinian territory and there is no reported shooting at the Israeli troops. But in a systematic ethnic cleansing campaign as being carried out in the Holy Land, Israelis troops have an open permission to shoot at any Palestinian. If the soldiers don't seem too enthusiastic about doing this, their senior commanders will be only to happy to show them the way. But in Washington, this is also still seen as “self defense”.