Zionist pathway to success:From Deir Yasin to Rafah [Archives:2005/833/Opinion]

April 14 2005

The Zionist cloak of terror and hate is no mystery to anyone, who will take just a little time to look into the ugliness that manifests the history of the Zionist movement on the ground since its early presence in the Holy Land. On Friday April 9, 1948, even before the British had given up on their mandate on Palestine, a gang of Zionist thugs led by Menachem Begin entered the quite and peaceful village of Deir Yasin, within what is now West Jerusalem. The villagers had heretofore tried to avoid any entanglements between themselves and the Jewish settlers and discouraged any military or quasi military presence by any of their fellow Palestinians, who elsewhere were preparing, with whatever crude weaponry they had, for the inevitable fight that was to ensue with the substantially more highly prepared Jewish gangs (that combined to form the nucleus of the Israeli “Defense” Force), once the British left. The sun had barely touched the ground of Deir Yasin on that day, but by Noon, 100 Palestinian civilians, half of them women and children, have been mercilessly killed as they were slowly awakening from a peaceful slumber. To illustrate the future prospects of a Zionist state in their midst, the tri-partite (Irgun, Stern and Haganah) attackers took 25 of the surviving villagers and paraded them humiliatingly in Jerusalem's then small Jewish quarter amidst cheers of fired up Jewish settlers and shot to death in a nearby quarry. By the end of the day, according to an eye witness report by the New York Times correspondent, the dead count reached some 254. The surviving citizens were driven out of the village by force. Of course, the attackers had insured that some survivors were kept to get the message across to the Palestinians that this is what is in store for you in the wake of the establishment of the State of Israel. The flight of close to a million Palestinians soon after that was not due to the Arab Radio broadcasts telling the Palestinians “to vacate their villages to make way for the Arab armies”, which to any prudent person would seem rather absurd. Zionist distortions of the historical facts is part and parcel of the Zionist modus operandum. Some eyewitnesses suggest that the Haganah may not have been directly involved in the barbarous blood feast and looting, but 25 Haganah troops were there to reinforce the murderers. Ben Gurion understood the need for the strategic hill occupied by the village as an air field to bolster the defense of the then surrounded Jewish enclave in Jerusalem. In the Zionist methodology, “the means justify the ends”, so the so called moderates of the Haganah made no real fuss about the massacre. To cover up their participation, the Haganah leaders confessed that the massacre “disgraced the cause of Jewish fighters and dishonored Jewish arms and the Jewish flag.” But, it is worth mentioning that Menachem Begin shed light on the real position of Haganah and one of the “fathers” of modern day Israel, “Deir Yasin was captured with the knowledge of the Haganah and with the approval of its commander” as a part of its “plan for establishing an airfield.”

Deir Yasin was just the lighting of the torch that ignited tens of massive massacres in and outside of Palestine (Sabra, Shatilla, Qana, etc.), during and after the “War of Independence”. So one should not be surprised at the cold blooded murder of three children playing soccer on the anniversary of the 57th anniversary of the slaughter at Deir Yasin. By Zionist terms, the Rafah children's massacre is mere child's play. Just to set the record straight, despite the arguments by some superstitious Zionists for having Jews resettle the village turned slaughterhouse, the houses were destroyed and the cemetery was later bulldozed and, like hundreds of other Palestinian villages to follow, Deir Yasin was wiped off the map. By September 1948, Orthodox Jewish immigrants from Poland, Rumania, and Slovakia were settled there over the objections of Martin Buber, Cecil Roth and other Jewish leaders. The center of the village was renamed Givat Shaul Bet. As Jerusalem expanded, the land of Deir Yasin became part of the city and is now known simply as the area between Givat Shaul and the settlement of Har Nof on the western slopes of the mountain. So, the murder of three innocent children should not be a surprise to the astute observer of the situation in the Holy Land. This is Israel from the day it was born probably to the day the world will be terminated. Israeli troops are actually taught that it is unpatriotic to have any pity or mercy on Palestinians killed or suffering from Israeli attacks. Thus, if some of the Israeli troops begin to feel repulsed by the excessive vulgarity of their colleagues, one will easily find that the latter are promoted and in fact become the elite of the land, whereas the protesters will find themselves to be admonished and treated as traitors.

As the attack on Deir Yasin occurred in a relatively quite period, so did the attack on the three Rafah children (and the many other children such as the cold blooded murder of Mohammed Al-Durrah at the early “non-violent” days of the Second Intifadha, if anyone would care to remember). Peace and quiet in the Holy Land does not serve the interests of the “Hebrew” State [would Jacob (Peace of Allah be upon him] give his “children” his blessings for such cold blooded cravings?].

Just look at the way the Israelis are enjoying the “truce” initiated by the handshake of Chairman of the PLO, Mahout Abbass and the veteran of many a Deir Yasin, Ariel Sharon, the bloody record of whom paved the way for his rise to Prime Minister, as it did for David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir (who was wanted by the British as a “terrorist” for the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem, prior to the establishment of Israel) and most of the elite that control the political, military and security establishment of Israel today..

So, if anyone has any illusions that a “truce” is in effect in Palestine, they are mistaken. It is a one-sided truce, patiently held by the Palestinians, whereas for the Israelis it is business as usual. Since the beginning of the year the Palestinians have lost over 150 mostly unarmed citizens, close to a hundred bulldozed homes and the continuing humiliations of the merciless occupation, that is far from seeing any end.

What truce is in effect, when the so called Jewish “militants” or extremists have been unleashed to intimidate the Palestinians, or rather the entire Moslem world, by their loud and open intimidation of threatening to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque? This is not the work of a select group, mind you, this is the systematic institutional process that is the cause d''tre of the creation and expansion of the land of Zion from the “Nile to the Euphrates”: blood, terror and intimidation.