Zionist plan:Enough sleeping youth [Archives:2003/661/Opinion]

August 21 2003

By Sameer Annozaili
[email protected]

After the British and French colonialism divided the Arab World into small states and demarcated their borders, the Zionist movement was delighted and greatly relieved. However, in our time and as modern history shows that Zionists are not satisfied of such division, they need to divide every state into different religious groups and sects (Divide and Conquer), Theodore Hertzle founder of Zionism said: Jewish State extends “From the Brook of Egypt (Nile) to the Euphrates.”
The Bush cries to the world now that Iraq is a threat to the world, is programmed by the powerful Zionist lobby in the US. Political and economic analysts in the US are telling the Bush administration that a war on Iraq might be successful to overthrow Saddam Hussein, but what comes after is being overlooked by the US government, but well analyzed and studied by the Zionists.
United States of America's plan is to control the region and oil reserves, their worries not about Saddam's regime and they know well that Saddam does not have weapons that threaten the US security. The Zionist short-term plan is to divide the most powerful state in the region that threatens their security and interrupts their plan's implementation that they put so much money and effort into throughout the century.
Now the Zionist lobby who takes most of the seats in the American senate is working around the clock to push the US into the trap that they set for them in Iraq. The plan is to divide Iraq into three small units; Sunni, Shiite and Kurds and sit back and watch them kill each other (of course with the help of the MOSAD to each one of them) exactly like they did to Lebanon.
If another war will occur in the Gulf, the only one who will benefit is the Zionist entity in Palestine, United States will not control the region or the oil reserves when Iraq is three Iraq(s). And when the spark reaches the neighboring states such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Israel will be a loose bull to take advantage of that. Then the Zionist entity (what they call Israel) will watch the American army and the Iraqi people casualties in thousands when they enter Baghdad (Urban warfare). Sharon and his gangs have articulated their false vision to the American administration either by convincing, or by blackmail, that Iraq is a threat to the world.
Let's get to the point of divide and conquer, when Iraq is divided into three geographical units consist of three sects fighting over the thrown. The Israeli MOSAD will infiltrate them and take over the helm to keep an eye on their two mortal enemies (Iran and Syria), the long painful Lebanese war again in Iraq.
Now they systematically control Iraq, it is Syria's turn. The Zionist lobby gangsters start to lay down the new plan for Syria and make it ready for implementation. Syria will be on the spotlight of the American media of supporting terrorism as they call it, imaginary links with Al-Qaeda (Sharon now is claiming that there is Al-Qaeda in Gaza strip and Lebanon), and may be weapons of mass destruction. Automatically, when Syria falls in their hands, Lebanon will. MOSAD will start moving internally and create religious gaps (by using Islamic movements, and supporting some factions) as they did in Lebanon and still doing so to break it apart. By the way, this plan was supposed to be implemented in the 80's, but it failed.
In 1982 the Hebrew-language magazine Kivunim (Directions), the official organ of the World Zionist Organization published an important article entitled, “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”, by Israel Shahak, professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights. The following is an excerpt from his article: “The Arab Muslim world, therefore, is not the major strategic problem which we shall face in the Eighties, despite the fact that it carries the main threat against Israel, due to its growing military might. This world, with its ethnic minorities, its factions and internal crises, which is astonishingly self-destructive, as we can see in Lebanon, in non-Arab Iran and now also in Syria, is unable to deal successfully with its fundamental problems and does not therefore constitute a real threat against the State of Israel in the long run, but only in the short run where its immediate military power has great import. In the long run, this world will be unable to exist within its present framework in the areas around us without having to go through genuine revolutionary changes. The Moslem Arab World is built like a temporary house of cards put together by foreigners (France and Britain in the Nineteen Twenties), without the wishes and desires of the inhabitants having been taken into account. It was arbitrarily divided into 19 states, all made of combinations of minorities and ethnic groups which are hostile to one another, so that every Arab Moslem state nowadays faces ethnic social destruction from within, and in some a civil war is already raging”
Zionists' strategy is to implement their plan as quickly as possible, before the world wakes up and moves against them. Another factor according to their calculations, by 2020 A.D. they will be demographically in danger in the region (Their population is decreasing and the Arab population is increasing). The short-term plan is to execute a big number of the Palestinians, until they find them a land to settle in (between Iraq and Jordan or may be even Jordan), to keep them from interrupting the expansion and Jews immigration. The settlements in the post-1967 occupation is just to keep the pressure on the Palestinians, because they don't need it, they have more than enough land in the pre-1967 occupied land in Palestine, an example of this what Binyamin Begin said: “In strategic terms, the settlements (in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) are of no importance.” What makes them important, he added, was that “they constitute an obstacle, an insurmountable obstacle to the establishment of an independent Arab State west of the river Jordan.” )Binyamin Begin, (son of the late Menachem Begin and a prominent voice in the Likud party writing in 1991, Quoted on page 159 of Findley's Deliberate Deceptions).
Each and every one of us should understand that we have a big cloud of ignorance over our heads, let's let the sun of freedom and knowledge shine on us and remove the cancer that has been in our heart since 1948. The only way to remove this cancer is by uniting and become one body, one arm that is rooted in the land of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad just like the symbol on this site. Our land is beautiful and rich, why don't we protect from all the wolves that are eating its flesh alive. Let's build a Masjid and a Church next to each other and enough hatred. It is time, it is time, wake up and see our people in Palestine and Iraq dying every second. As long as we hate each as Muslims or Christians, they will always succeed in their plan to enslave us. If we don't wake up soon we will be slaves for them and regret the moment when it was time to wake up. If our generation does not do something about this disease, it will spread and the next generation will blame us. We blamed two generations before us for letting the Ottoman Empire destroy our infrastructure and dignity to be an easy prey for the French and British. REMEMBER, IF WE DON'T ACT NOW OUR CHILDREN WILL HAVE NO FUTURE, DON'T LET THEM DOWN AND THINK OF UNITY.